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What is Tegla's

Occurs in the age of social lethargy in terms of nutrition. What to eat? Which burek to buy? Where to eat something boiled? ... We keep asked ourselves this question day by day... and then we had a day like any other, surfing over the internerwe found salads in a jar. And we wondered why this has not anyone done yet?

You can guess, we did it! The idea was born in one second, in 2014 transformed into a reality than we opened the door to our loyal costumers. We opened our first store at Narodnog Fronta 25 in Novi Sad . We have set ourselves the target. The goal is to be different, the goal is to offer something new. Something fresh! This is just the beginning. We have a lot of good ideas and we are sure that you gonna like it :) Now, enough talk ... Grab a jar!

Media awareness

A word from our nutritionist

Our team joined Monika Varga, our nutritionist. She gained her degree at the University of Ghent (Belgium), where she completed Master studies in nutrition. During the two years of study in Belgium, she did her professional internship in Portugal, where she was able to work with one of the best nutritionists in Europe.She wrote her Master's thesis in cooperation with the Institute of Public Health of Belgium. Being born in Novi Sad, she decided to return to her hometown, to apply all the gained knowledge with us and change our environment for the better. And we are here to support her :)

Do you want our products in your shops?

You have a caffe or a restourantthat that's no different from the rest? The offer is weak and you feel that you need a new product? You are at the right place! :) Our company have development program has a strategy of enlargement, Tegla's offers option of cooperation with shops that are willing to sell our products in their stores. Contact us for more details about the cooperation ...

Wanna open Tegla's in your city?

Interesting you the idea and the Tegla's concept promotes? You have an idea to create something like this in your city / country? We offer a unique solution! Tegla's - Salad in a Jar is a registered brand and as such is entitled to the assignment of the franchise. Over the years, we have constructed an exact plan and program of operations that we are able to provide you surrender and that, with our expert team, we implement in your city. Contact us for more details about the cooperation ...


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